Partnerships, ALPACA’s, and NFT’s

Friction Finance
3 min readMar 25, 2021

Another exciting week with a crazy combination of announcements!


We are incredibly happy to announce our official partnership with Alpaca.Finance! The Alpaca team has been an absolute joy to coordinate and plan with. For those unfamiliar, Alpaca.Finance is a leveraged yield farming app on BSC with TVL in excess of $500,000,000!

Details of Partnership

LP Farms

To kick off the partnership, Friction.Finance has launched a ALPCA/BTCB LP farm where users can deposit their LP and earn TAO. We will also be launching an ALPACA/TAO LP farm over the weekend!


TAO will be providing the ALPCA community with exclusive analytics that will include in-depth TVL details, historic vault data, recent trade data, candle charts, volume charts, and unlimited free data exports. You can find a link to the ALPACA analytics page here.

ALPACA Analytics

Marketing Support

As part of the partnership, ALPACA has agreed to leverage some of its resources to help Friction.Finance with marketing and reaching a larger audience.

Future in mind

The partnership with ALPACA won’t end here, over the next few weeks we plan to work with the ALPACA team to enhance our analytics platform and provide more insights for both of our communities (TVL stats, historic vault deposits, trends, graphs, etc). ALPACA also launched their LYF (leveraged yield farms) and are always up to something interesting. We are optimistic for future integrations, more farms and pools, and continuing to grow our partnership with the ALPACA team.

Friction.Finance — The evolution of NFT’s

NFT’s have been an extremely hot topic recently and several projects are scrambling to create their own NFT marketplaces. Friction.Finance is stepping this up by not only providing a NFT marketplace, but also a new way for creators and NFT holders to earn more on their creative gems! A separate medium article will be released shortly to go into more details on the NFT marketplace and lottery design.

NFT Lottery

We have launched our NFT lottery today and it is live! Purchase a lootbox with TAO and have a chance at winning one of the six limited edition NFTs inside. The NFTs inside each have their own rarity level and some are much harder to get then others. Every two weeks the NFTs inside the lootbox will cycle and will never be minted again.

50% of TAO used to buy lootboxes is burned, the other 50% go to a jackpot prize pool.

Think you have what it takes to collect all 6? Users who manage to get all 6 NFT’s from the lootboxes will share the jackpot prize pool, if no users collect all 6 before the cycle ends, the jackpot prize pool will carry over into the next cycle.

Best of luck with the lootboxes and happy farming :)