Friction.Finance — NFT Contest

Friction Finance
1 min readMar 23, 2021

Hey everyone! We are excited to kick-start our first NFT contest, here are the details:

Prize Pool

1st Place: $350 (BUSD)

2nd Place: $250 (BUSD)

3rd Place: $100 (BUSD)

4th — 10th Place: $50 each (BUSD)


The contest will last 10 days

03/23 — 04/02

How to enter & types of NFT’s

  • NFT’s can be still images (.jpg, .png, etc) or animated (.gif, mp4, etc).
  • The NFT’s should be themed around TAO / FrictionFinance. Some ideas here may be around monks, temples, mountains, yin yang, etc.
  • Users can enter multiple times but can only win a maximum of one prize


  • The NFT MUST BE ORIGINAL, you cannot submit existing NFT’s or use designs / images found on the internet.
  • Tweet your NFT and tag @frictionfinance along with using the hashtag #frictionfinanceNFT
  • At the end of the contest, the community will vote on the entries

Best of luck!