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Hey everyone! As we continue to work away at our upcoming NFT marketplace and custom creator lootboxes we have an exciting announcement for our newest addition to the Friction.Finance ecosystem, Mission Control (

The idea of Mission Control is to be a one-stop dashboard where users can view advanced statistics on historic burn rates, token emission rates, farm & pool stats, trading analytics, and vault performances. Mission Control currently only supports TAO at launch, but we will be adding in our partners: Blizzard.Money, Alpaca Finance, and Vlad.Finance early next week.

Attracting high-quality partners

One large advantage Mission Control has over all the other “analytic” dApps is that we will be offering custom tailored and in-depth statistics on a per project basis for all of our current and future partners. This means that for each project we support, they will have custom widgets depending on the data they want visualised.


Here are some key features that can be found on the homepage:

  • Current price, daily volume, and NFT lottery jackpot statistics

Trade Stats — Revamped

The trading analytics that currently exist on Friction.Finance have been a huge hit, but we decided to step it up a notch and offer more robust graphs, analytics, stats, and visualisations.

  • Current price, volume, and buy vs sell volume

Dedicated Burn Stats

View total TAO burns, updates daily.

Launchpad — Coming Soon

Future plans for the dashboard

  • Support user profiles and accounts to view historic farm performances, trade history, and daily earnings

Check it out:



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