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6 min readMar 16, 2021

This will be a long read and is broken up into sections, we encourage you to read it all and feel free to leave any questions on our social channels.

Quick summary

The last week has been crazy, 1m+ TVL, $1+ price, and community socials channels have been growing non-stop. TAO analytics and new UI was recently released and will continue to be expanded upon.

TAO Ecosystem

TAO has unique tokenomics that allow it to self-sustain yield farm rewards, automatically burn tokens, and provide APY just for holding. All these benefits rise exponentially as volume on TAO rises.


The default deposit fee wallet has earned enough to fully cover an audit from Certik. We have made contact and have been in talks with them to get this started ASAP. Once we have made the payment and have a service agreement, we will update community with ETA’s.

Listings on Platforms

Applications to CMC and Gecko have been successfully sent and received, these platforms are backed up from high volume but are processing the request to list TAO as soon as they can and have replied to our listing request that they are on it. Community members are also welcome to apply for other listing sites and dApp sites that they find useful.

TAO Analytics

More tokens will be supported on TAO analytics along with features to easily switch between tokens, dynamic trade reports, and historic data exports that we hope will provide some utility for TAO holders and communities on the other tokens supported.


If you’ve been involved with the FrictionFinance community you’ve heard us mention NFT’s, we already have a few NFT’s designed but the problem in the past has been difficulty listing them. There are very few BSC NFT platforms that are live and ready to list new NFT’s, with that said, TAO has decided to start building out a open-sourced UI friendly NFT marketplace that will also include some gamification with NFT lotteries, burns, and more fun stuff. More to come on this.

TAO & Beyond

TAO has always been the governance layer of FrictionFinance, it is a passive income & self-sustaining machine that will continue to provide distributions to holders for as long as it has volume. With that said, we are exploring opportunities to include another token in the FrictionFinance ecosystem down the road that will work synergistically and help power TAO’s tokenomics, but don’t worry, TAO holders will have early access and benefits to this and it will actually help TAO’s token distributions by providing more volume with the ideas behind it. This new token is still a concept, but if it were to ever release it would be farmable by TAO holders. More info to come.

LP Farms & Pools

Single-sided Farms

These have been long awaited! Before we get into this topic, it’s important to remember that with TAO you earn APY just by holding due to the token distribution mechanics. While some protocols have single sided farms you can stake the underlying token, with TAO you are essentially always in a single-sided farm.

With that said, we are excited to announce our partnership with Vlad.Finance, they have provided 20,000 LIFE tokens (5% of the total supply) to be farmed by TAO holders. You can read more about the LIFE token and their NFT marketplace tokenomics here.

Stake TAO earn LIFE.

  • LIFE staking will last for approximately 21 days

The LIFE pool will be going live tomorrow around ~17:00–19:00 UTC (exact time not confirmed yet) and will be accessible on

We are actively pursuing more partnerships with projects on BSC to provide more tokens that TAO holders can stake to earn.

LP Farms

We will be adding the following LP farms:


These LP farms will be slowly added with 2 expected to be released later this week / early weekend, and the rest to follow early next week.


With the addition of the new LP farms, we will also be rotating out our BUSD-USDT pool at the end of the week. Farmers can stay in this pool and still earn rewards for the next few days, only LP withdraws and harvest actions are available on this pool but further deposits have been suspended (on this pool only). You will receive your harvest rewards that are shown on UI along with your LP when you withdraw from the pool. We are rotating this pool out to prevent further issues with users not receiving initial rewards for some time, other pools are not affected by this. Although users were still able to receive and harvest rewards, the default deposit fee wallet will cover the deposit fees for all users who deposited into this pool over the last 48 hours (2 days) that were not referred by another user. Additionally, we are providing compensation for the missed 8+ hours of farming rewards for ALL users who were in this pool, referred or not.

Why is just this farm rotating?

In the future we may allow voting to rotate pools and farms on a set schedule with plenty of time notice (at least 2–3+ weeks) as we partner with new tokens.

The BUSD-USDT pool was properly giving out rewards as according to the APY and users were harvesting rewards but there was an issue with reward allocations not starting for up for up to 8 hours for some farmers. The reason this issue is affecting this pool and not the others is because there was a planned and intentional multiplier switch that occurred early on in this pool. When TAO launched we purposely set a higher multiplier (15x) on this pool compared to what it was originally added with (5x). We only did this on the BUSD-USDT pool in an effort to help distribute the supply to early users who did not want to purchase large amounts of TAO at launch. This multiplication switch, along with the number of LP stakes in the pool and token decimal precision caused issues in the contract calculating rewards which affected this specific pool. The emission rate on the smart contract has always been 3 TAO per block since launch, this has not changed. After speaking with some audit companies and developers, there were a few alternatives to moving forward. Some of these alternatives involved fixes for this pool but would have required an adjusted staking contract. Instead, we have decided to rotate out this one pool and keep existing pools along with adding on new ones as mentioned above.

How will this affect the other pools (TAO-BUSD, TAO-BNB, BNB-BUSD)?

All other existing pools will remain along with the addition of the new LP farms being added.

What if I am already staked in the BUSD-USDT pool?

The pool will remain open only for withdraws; and farmers can still earn rewards in this pool for the next few days until the allocation is turned off. Farmers can remove their LP at anytime during this process, including long after allocation is turned off. There will be no deadline to remove your LP, it will always be available to be withdrawn at any point. Any users who deposited into this pool from March 14th 11:59:59PM UTC until the deposits were closed (March 16 5:30:00AM UTC) and did not use a referral link can submit their deposit TX on this form and the default fee wallet will reimburse your entire deposit fee.

Is there compensation for those who were staked the BUSD-USDT Pool?

On top of being given back your deposit fees we have snapshotted all the addresses in this pool and they will be receiving a airdrop in the near future to cover the 8+ hours of missed farming rewards. The token being airdropped will either be TAO from the deployer wallet once LP unlocks, or a different token with a value that will equate to the missed value of the hours it took for pool to start giving rewards on that pool during the time period it experienced issues.


In conclusion, the TAO community has grown exponentially and there have been dozens of community members who have stepped up to help with graphics, development work, feature requests, and creating informational posts on social media. As TAO continues to grow and expand, everything will be shifting to Github to allow anyone to contribute additional feature requests and help push the project forward.

Thanks to everyone sticking around, looking forward to the new farms releasing.